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What are they thinking?

Why are they acting that way?

Can they get relief from pain or illness?

Can I talk to the Spirit of an animal that has Crossed Over?

Do you have questions like this? 

Schedule a FREE Zoom chat to find out how I can help!

I am currently offering distance session only via Zoom, WhatsApp or phone.


All animals experience thoughts, feelings & emotions.

Like us, they feel sadness, love, confusion and joy. 

Their behavior, mood & even health can be 

misunderstood or misdiagnosed without this important information. 

That's where I come in! I bridge the communication gap between animals & humans. 

I am a Medium (can talk to animals who have Crossed Over), as well as a trained Healer with 25 years experience (more on me in the "About Me" page). 

Animals are very receptive to Healing energies, therefore, it can be a very 

powerful experience for them.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions. I'm happy to talk to you about how I can help your loved one. 

I have connected this button to my personal calendar. 

Click the link below & schedule a time for us to have a Zoom chat. 

Totally FREE, of course.

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