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Iena SpiritWalker

Internationally known Animal Communicator, Healer & Transformational Life Coach.

25 years experience. 

Host of the podcast,

"Transcendent AF with Iena SpiritWalker".

Below are just SOME of the "TOOLS in my toolbelt". I've been doing this for 25 years, there are MANY.

When you book a session, you don't request a specific modality. This will be decided when I connect with your Angels, Guardians & Guides to see what is needed.


Usui Reiki Master

Usui Reiki is a universal Healing energy. This can be used to Heal & bring balance in mind, body & Spirit.

energy field.jpg

Polarity Lines

Polarity lines are like energy highways. 

When one is "blocked", it can cause a "back up" or imbalance in the others. This can be experienced in the body as pain or sickness.


Messages from your Angels & Guides

Your team of Light is waiting to connect with you. They can help you discover you life's purpose, uncover the reason for your current struggles & more.

calm mind.jpg

Neuroscience Hacks

I can help you rewire your mind to reinforce new habits, eliminate old habits & create the new life you desire.



I can bring messages to you from your deceased Loved ones, human & animal.



I will combine neuroscience & Quantum physics with energy work to help you manifest your desires.

medical intuition.jpg

Medical Intuition

Anomalies in the body can be detected psychically. Energy Healings can then be done on those anomalies.

past life.jpg

Past Life Healing

Recurring challenges & even medical issues may be the result of a past life experience. When these are Healed, it ripples through the timeline & allows us to finally release it.


Cord Cutting

Cords are like energetic umbilical cords. They are attached to other people & siphon your energy. This will prevent you from Healing, make you tired & block you from moving forward.

I've had a deep connection to animals since I was a child.

So, all of the above skills can be combined with animal communication when I work with your beloved pets.

Book your session now!

I offer 1 hour, recorded, Zoom sessions. You will receive the link of the recording to rewatch & download.


If you are interested in a private mentorship, please see the "offerings" tab for more info.

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