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Iena SpiritWalker

I am an Animal Communicator, Medicine Woman, Usui Reiki Master, 

Intuitive Healer, Channel & Medium. 

I have been practicing in the Healing & Metaphysical Arts for 25 years. 

I have been talking to animals since I was a child. 

Me, age 7, with my butterfly friend.

Me, age 8, with a wild, baby rabbit.

Me, age 9 with a wild bird.

Everywhere I go, no matter what ​age, animals & I are drawn to one another. So, it makes perfect sense that I use my Gifts with the animals!

Animals often find me when they need help. I cannot count how many animals have shown up on my front porch- literally! That's where I found this little guy. It was in the summertime & a neighborhood dog had chased him out of his nest. He was dehydrated, and in need of Healing & rest. He was so tiny! I gave him water from a dropper, Healing & prayers.

Inspired by the box set up for him, I named him "Peaches"! In a few hours, he was hopping around & eating. Spirit​ Guided me to return him to his family. I took him to a specific spot in the yard & set him free. 

These are the Blessings in my life. I am Honored to help animals in such a profound way.

Do you want to learn more about how I can help your animal friends? Click the link below & schedule a FREE chat with me!

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