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Pet Lover's Summit

Please note, the "free gifts" mentioned
by the guests are expired.

How to Set Your Pets Up for Success

Dr. Judy Morgan

Discover the Answers to Animal Care with

Muscle Testing

Pam Roussell

Listening Mindfully with a Lost Pet

Nancy Mello

Discover Empowering Choices for Yourself,

Your Pet & the Planet.

Dr. Christina Chambreau

What Your Pets Need from you

(from the Pet's Perspective)

Karen Anderson

CBD Pet Care Made Easy

Leah D'Ambrosio

The Emotional Wounds of Animals

(& their People)

Tammy Billups

What Horses Can Teach Us

About Being Human

Stormy May

From Trauma to Trust

Sarah-Jane Farrell

Letting the Animals Lead

Kathleen Prasad

Horses as Our Master Teachers

Anna Twinney

Letting Go of the Story to Help Your Pet Grow

JT Clough

Foundations of Essential Care

Dr. Gary Richter

How Can I Understand My Animal?

Dawn Brunke

Photo Bio Modulation: Lighting the Way to Health

Sandra Mendelson

The 7 Pillars of Pet Health-

A Paradigm Shift in Medicine

Dr. Odette Suter

Emotional Freedom Technique

for Animals

Joan Ranquet

Creating a Healthy Soundscape for Your Pet

Lisa Spector

Acupressure for Pet Health

Dr. Jill Todd

Pets Aging Gracefully with

Medicinal Mushrooms

Dr. Ihor Basko

Be a Hero to my Heros


The Emotional Well Being of Animals. 

How Emotional Healing Helps Physical Healing

Ellie Laks

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