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Day 1

The audio files can be found with this button. Videos below

Make Yourself Known to Grow Your Business

with Dr. Judy Morgan

Dr Judy is EPIC!

Her real life experience is SO VALID in this market! She shares when it’s important to invest & the value of knowledgeable staff (NOT your cousin! LOL). I really enjoyed hearing how she learned things the hard way. Because of this, she is able to sharpen that learning curve for YOU!

Dr. Judy has over 38 years experience as an Integrative Veterinarian, acupuncturist, chiropractor, food therapist, author, and speaker. Her goal is to change the lives of pets by educating and empowering pet parents worldwide in the use of natural healing therapies, and minimizing the use of chemicals, vaccinations, and poor quality processed food.

2018 Woman of the Year in the Pet Industry

2019 Pet Age Woman of Influence

2019 IAOTP Veterinarian of the Year

2019 Veterinarian Hero Award Nominee

2021 IAOTP Empowered Woman of the Year

2022 Game Changer award winner



Make Yourself Known to Grow Your Business

Jumping Off the Deep End

with Stormy May

I just LOVED this interview! 

Stormy talks about leading with your heart, jumping into the unknown & even stepping into those scary bits.

What really resonated with me most was when she talked about being true to yourself. Of course, I added, “Let your freak flag fly!” (That's just how I roll.)

Stormy May’s early career included horse training, competition and work as a Chief Horse Management Judge and National Examiner with the United States Pony Club. In 2006 she followed her dream to more deeply study the horse human bond, which resulted in the highly acclaimed documentary, The Path of the Horse.

Now Stormy coaches people seeking to learn and grow from their relationships with horses and all life. She is a lifelong student of horses, humans and our relationship with the natural world.



Following Your Heart to Expand Your Business. Worksheet

Flexibility + Balance = Success

with Thom Somes & Cindy Buzas, founders of PetTech.

Thom & Cindy are true examples of the power of balance! Living and working together while running an international business, they focus on giving equal attention to work and home. This is BIG!

Thom Somes, The Pet Safety Guy™ is the President and Co-Founder of Pet Tech®, the first International Training Center dedicated to CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats. Thom is a best-selling author, and an in-demand speaker, presenter, and trainer because of his humorous, upbeat, and motivational style. Thom has his Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is integrated into the Pet Tech Programs. Thom is also an Elder with the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians.


Cindy Buzas is Vice-President and Co-Founder of Pet Tech. She has a BS degree in education and speech pathology from the University of California. She collectively has over 30 years of training and marketing experience from the retail, newspaper, personal development seminars and travel industries.

Over 25 years ago, Thom & Cindy merged their passion for pets, teaching, and medicine to create the only Pet CPR, First Aid & Care Training Programs based on neuroscience learning. The Pet Tech mission is to Improve the Quality of Pets’ Lives, One Pet Parent and One Pet Care Professional at a Time.™ The Pet Tech Programs are taught by presentation and demonstration with hands-on skills practice and one-on-one coaching by thousands of Pet Tech Instructors in 7 countries.

To date, over 200,000 students have been trained in these lifesaving skills.


Thom & Cindy’s love and passion for pets has guided them on this journey. They also work with pet businesses as Pet Industry Consultants to guide Petrepreneurs down the road to success. Proud parents of 2 sons, two dogs; Tandoori an English Springer Spaniel and Cheerio (Rio) a Chihuahua mix and 1 cat; Keanu, the Pet Tech Office Cat.



Wheel of Life

3 Tips for Builing a Successful Team

with Ruby Balaram, CEO and founder of Real Dog Box

Ruby is the REAL DEAL!

She shares the importance of having a team, as well as HOW to do it RIGHT. Core values, finding the right fit & setting up a plan are some of the amazing tips she has for you today. I really appreciate her views on hiring, as well as firing! 

Ruby is the CEO and Founder of Real Dog Box - a monthly dog treat and chew service, and the Director of the Feed Real Institute. She oversees operations at their kitchen in San Diego, CA, as well as their customer service, and designs and implements policies to promote company culture and vision! Before launching Real Dog, she was an international trade, white collar crime paralegal - she found her passion for helping people feed their dog real food and created an online wellness service, a product subscription, and educational courses for both dog parents and veterinary professionals.



10% off Dog Parent Nutrition Course

Day 2

The audio files can be found with this button. Videos below

Don't Think & Grow Rich

with Sarah-Jane Farrell, International Trauma Informed Life Coach, 

Animal Communicator & Spiritual Business Mentor.

Sarah-Jane Farrell’s interview REALLY hit home for me! She spoke about the trauma, grief & loss that is all tied into money. She shared how many of us are frantically doing & not playing.

The biggest take away for me was how to phrase something that I want to change in my life, “Until NOW…”. 

Otherwise we perpetuate it in our lives!

Sarah-Jane Farrell helps women just like you who identify as highly sensitive perfectionists, people pleasers and overachieving heart-centered rebels to trust and love themselves fully, gain unshakable self-esteem and the confidence to live in their true nature. That means learning how to work with your nervous system so that no matter how stressful it gets when life throws that curveball, you can grow beyond trauma.

She teaches exactly what you need to build mental resilience, how to regulate your emotions, and avoid burnout so that you maintain a healthy, flexible nervous system. Then, you can use your precious energy to focus on what truly matters and finally create a life you love.

She has the ability to make complex topics simple to grasp. Her unique, integrative healing approach and pragmatic tools, coupled with her ability to show people what they need to know, has changed the lives & businesses of thousands of people and their companion animals worldwide.



30 MIN "Discover your Money Set point WHY"complimentary session.

Being in the Flow

with Dr Odette Suter, Holisitc Veterinarian & author.

Dr. Odette NAILED it during this interview. She shares the importance letting go of resistance 

& existing in surrender (while still being driven). She uses examples from her own life, so that we can apply them to our own.

Dr. Odette Suter graduated from veterinary school in Switzerland in 1994. Early on, she recognized the limitations of conventional medicine and questioned its role in true healing. Her unconventional upbringing combined with her own healing journey has led her to explore many holistic avenues to uncover and treat the underlying cause of disease of her animal patients.


As a truly holistic vet, she is passionate about education and has written the international best-selling book “What Your Vet Never Told You – Secrets to Supporting Peak Health for Your Animal.” Dr Suter, also lovingly known as “The Poop Lady”, is a sought-after speaker and innovator in the field of holistic veterinary medicine.

She developed her own training and mentorship program for pet parents and professionals alike in which she shares her vast experience and knowledge to help maximize animals’ health.



The 7 Pillars of Health - A Paradigm Shift in Medicine

Be the Expert in Your Field

with Anna Twinney & Vin Mancarella, Founders of Reach Out to Horses.

Anna & Vin were really “on point” today. They shared how important it is to be an expert in your field (and what that actually means). Vin talks about trimming out things that do not inspire you in your business. I truly enjoyed their acronym, BELIEVE. My favorite quotes were when Anna said, “Find out what makes your heart sing or sink.” AND, “Are you the leader you would follow?”

Following the call of the horse, a blind leap of faith took this horsewoman “across the pond" to become recognized by British Royalty and the US Government as one of the premier professionals in the language of the horse. Anna Twinney is a Natural Horsewoman, Equine Behaviorist, International Clinician, Animal Communicator, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, and Coach. She is best known for her authentic communication and connection to heal the hearts of horses and humans alike.

She was a co-creator and the first head instructor of the famous Monty Roberts International Learning Center (MRILC). Realizing her journey was only beginning, Anna left the MRILC to find her own voice, working with and studying wild and untouched horses.


Creator of Reach Out to Horses®, a comprehensive international equine behavior and training program, Anna has worked with over 10,000 horses and thousands more horse-lovers, professionals, and competitors. From serving military veterans, celebrities, backyard horse owners and Olympic dressage competitors, to shining a light on the plight of the wild horses, nurse foals, tribal mustangs, PMU industry, and supporting the non-profits who fight for them, Anna has worked with and trained horses and people in countless disciplines and industries. For more than 25 years, she has taught & trained on almost every continent.


While the exploration into the silent and secret language of the horses takes Anna through global gateways, gentling a thousand wild mustangs and talking to horses telepathically has given her an impeccable reputation to capture their whisper. Anna’s life’s work is expansive, with an Equine Training Certification program sought after by novices and professionals alike. She is the creator of over a dozen video programs, author of books, and mastermind behind multiple online mentorship programs, and she continues to develop and teach cutting-edge methodologies both online and at her new home, Whispering Feather Farm, in Mill Spring, NC.


Vincent is the backbone of Reach Out to Horses. In addition to his creative contribution as writer, editor, co-creator and assistant in the development of media and programs he is critical to the technical, managerial and marketing of the Reach Out to Horses Program and Whispering Feather Farm, their home in Mill Spring, NC.


When he is not working to make the world a better place for horses and all our planetary companions, he works to make it better for the "two-legged" on the planet. Vincent's mission is to invite and guide people to the possibilities and potential of living a true life of Spirit; getting to the core of who they really are and what they truly wish to create and be in the world.

For almost 30 years Vincent has been a student and teacher of individual self-empowerment, growth, health and wellness. He is a practitioner of numerous energy healing modalities, a 3rd degree blackbelt, and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the 4-Winds Energy Medicine program.


His passion is helping people to wake up from the destructive, cultural messaging of shame, guilt, and worthlessness so prevalent in our western culture. By disconnecting from these disempowering influences we are free to go within, listen to our own intuitive and higher selves, and dream a new world into being.



Vin's 21 Pieces of Wisdom to Create Business Success

How to Scale in the Pet Industry with Intent

with Ian Pederson, Founder and CEO of Source CBD.

Ian breaks down what it really means to create success while staying true to your own values. He discusses the importance of core values, as well as a mission statement - and the difference between the two. These tips will help you grow, no matter what type of business you have!


I love the Jimi Hendrix quote he gives us, “All foundations built on sand call to the sea eventually.”

Ian Pedersen is the Founder and CEO of Source CBD & has spent the last 8 years leading a boutique product development company in the natural pet wellness space. He has impacted hundreds of thousands of pets across the nation while scaling a successful holistic product line to just under 8 figures in sales revenues.


He has developed over 22 different pet/equine products and is known specifically for his research in the pet/equine CBD industry as well for his experimental holistic treatments with rare and exotic animals at out of Africa wildlife park.



50% off products. Use the above website with discount code to use at checkout: summit50

Day 3

The audio files can be found with this button. Videos below

Megan & Lisa have a referral system that is ROCK SOLID! This will bring in more clients, while positioning you as the authority in your field. Genius!

I SO appreciated how they "train" thier partners to create value in thier services.

Lisa Ruthig and Megan Ayrault are two of the three mentors with the Power of Touch for Animals' TEAM Mentorship Program for animal bodywork professionals. Along with providing classes, books and other support at Power of Touch, Lisa and Megan each have their own thriving business providing bodywork for animals, with extensive backgrounds in a variety of bodywork and energy work modalities. Lisa is also Director of Animal Programs At Bancroft School of Massage Therapy. Both Lisa and Megan are longtime Board Members with the National Board of Animal Acupressure and Massage (NBCAAM), Lisa as Co-chair and Megan as Treasurer.



Easily Attract Clients with Google Business Profile

Transformational Websites

with Rita Hogan, Canine Herbalist, educator, speaker, writer, formulator, and herbal medicine maker.

This interview with Rita is INVALUABLE! 

I learned so much about the psychology of marketing & just generally not annoying people who jump on my website. I didn't know there was a preference of scrolling vs clicking! Everything you need to know about building your own transformational website is right here! Check it out.

Rita Hogan is a clinical canine herbalist with over 20 years of experience specializing in holistic canine herbalism. She is an educator, speaker, writer, formulator, and herbal medicine maker. Rita uses a combination of diet, flower essences, herbs, and phyto embryonic therapies addressing dogs’ mind, body, and spirit. Her full-time practice is based in Olympia, Washington, where she lives with her partner, four dogs, and two cats.



Website Essentials.

The Importance of Relationships

with Kathleen Prasad, Founder of Animal Reiki Source and president of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association.

Wow! Kathleen Prasad really laid out the importance of relationships with people to help more animals. 

It makes SO much sense now.

I really loved hearing about how her gift to an animal rescue turned her business into a worldwide movement! 

Kathleen Prasad is founder of Animal Reiki Source and president of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). A Reiki practitioner and teacher for over 24 years, she has pioneered the profession of Reiki for animals, creating the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki. Kathleen is also the author of several books on Reiki for animals, including Heart to Heart with Horses: An Equine Lover's Guide to Reiki and Reiki for Dogs. Her nonprofit, SARA, shares and teaches Animal Reiki for rescued animals and their caregivers in shelters and sanctuaries around the world. Kathleen enjoys life with her husband, daughter, dog and horse in northern California.



Animal Reiki Source's Top Tips for Building Animal Business Relationships

Target Your Audience in Social Media & Monetize

with Kimberly Gauthier, Creator of Keep the Tail Wagging Blog.

My talk with Kimberly today was truly enlightening! She gives clear & concise examples of how to take conversations with others & turn them into content. I LOVE this! We were also given a clear strategy to help organize and create our content. I truly appreciate her approach to monetization.  It may not be what you think!


Kimberly Gauthier is the founder of Keep the Tail Wagging, an online platform dedicated to educating pet parents about making better nutrition and health choices for their dogs. Kimberly transitioned her dogs to a fresh food diet in 2013; today, she enjoys sharing what she learns while learning from others. Keep the Tail Wagging provides articles, books, webinars, two podcasts, and a private community where pet parents can connect with like-minded people and discuss topics on dog health and diets. When Kimberly isn't rapidly typing an article or recording a podcast, you can find her hanging out with her dogs and enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.



Social Media Tips When You're Short on Time

Day 4

The audio files can be found with this button. Videos below

Go International with Words

with Amy Snow, Co-Founder of Tallgrass Publishers

 and Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources.

Amy’s interview was such an eye opener. She is living proof that you can take your business internationally with NO budget!

The potential business impact of our words is HUGE.

Amy Accomplished this BEFORE the internet. We have NO EXCUSE! 

Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis founded Tallgrass Publishers and Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Resources. Amy has been in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1976 and has worked with dogs and horses since childhood. She integrated her love of animals with Chinese Medicine and other eastern bodywork modalities.


Amy and Nancy have authored seven animal acupressure-related texts including

ACU-Horse: A Guide to Equine Acupressure

ACU-DOG: A Guide to Canine Acupressure

ACU-CAT: A Guide to Feline Acupressure.


They developed meridian charts, videos, and online training courses. They are frequent contributors to publications in the US, Canada, Australia, and England. Amy was a founding Board Member of the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage.



Go International with a Zero Bugdet

The Power of Webinars and Podcasts

with Wendy Murdoch, Internationally known 

riding instructor/clinician, author and inventor.

Wendy demistifies the simplicity of reusing content for webinars and podcasts. This literally helps you DOUBLE your audience! Wendy even talks about how to use it on YouTube, as well. She has created over 300 webinars. 

So, she knows her stuff!

Wendy Murdoch is an Internationally known riding instructor/clinician, author and inventor. She is one of the most skillful teachers ever encountered in any equestrian discipline. Her desire to understand the function of both horse and human, her curiosity, creativity and her love of teaching capitalize on the most current learning theories. In this way, she is able to help both horse and rider achieve their potential.


For over 30 years Wendy has taught riders of all disciplines because, as she says, “Gravity is not discipline specific. No matter the type of saddle, style of riding, or breed of horse, there’s one thing you cannot escape, and that’s gravity”. In addition her her teaching Wendy is the creator of the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program®, which brings profound changes in the horse’s posture, balance and behavior in just minutes, During the Pandemic Wendy stopped traveling and starting doing “Webinars with Wendy” on the SURE FOOT Equine YouTube Channel. To date she has done more than 300 Webinars with noted equestrians ranging from hoof trimmers to veterinarians touching on a wide variety of topics. To better see her audience she converted the webinars to a podcast “Wendys Whinnies”, available on iTunes, Podbean and Google, with over 100K downloads and counting. 



How to set up webinars & podcasts.

Succeed with Achievable, Actionable Goals

with Meghan Brady, equine body worker, trainer, rider, 

transformational life coach,

entrepreneurship & business coach.

Meghan is on FIRE!

She helps us break down our gaols into bite sized pieces & gives us examples of motivating goals. Meghan shows us the importance of busing through the "someday' mindset & making our dreams a reality!

In her work as an equine body worker, trainer, rider, and founder of the Equestrian Travel Association, Meghan Brady realized she was providing nearly as much career coaching as the other work! So, she earned her Certification as a Transformational Life Coach and as an Entrepreneurship and Business Coach. Meghan’s goal is to help other equine business owners achieve their goals and make strides to achieve their dreams.



Strides Mentorship Program Discounted $49. (Value $297)

The #1 Block to Your Success

with Leah D'Ambrosio, COO and co-founder of Baked Smart

& co-founder of Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA).

Leah's joy & knowledge shine through in this interview. She shares what she has learned working with "successful" people & translates it to us in a way that we can impliment today. Her energy is just like a herd of baby bunnies!

I love that we can have happiness AND success! What was your favorite part? Hit "reply" & let me know.


A California native, Leah D’Ambrosio is COO and co-founder of Baked Smart, creator of edible decal kits for cannabis edibles and partner in Animal Bonds where she and her partner Jamie Lee are elevating the lives of animals and the people who love them through meditation and Animal Reiki.


Leah also co-founded the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) with Kathleen Prasad in 2008 to bring meditation techniques to animal shelters around the world. She has taught people how to meditate with all species of animals including her favorites, tigers and snakes.


She incorporates meditation into her entrepreneurial roles through a simple daily mantra. “For today only, do not anger, do not worry, be humble, be grateful, be honest in your work, and be compassionate to yourself and to others,” she says, because “life gets in the way of everybody.”



5 Proven Ways to Create Inner Happiness for Guaranteed Success in Business and Life.

Day 5

The audio files can be found with this button. Videos below

The Importance of People Skills

with Nikki Ivey, Founder of DogSpeak.

Nikki is SO dynamic.

I can't remember the last interview where I laughed so often!

Her knowledge of people skills translates across ALL businesses with animals.

My favorite part of the interview was the story about the dog who didn't understand her human's commands (Hint- it's about the accent! LOL). 


Nikki Ivey is DogSpeak's founder, trainer, and canine behavioral specialist. She is a certified Family Dog Mediator and Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. She has been training dogs and their owners since 1996. Nikki primarily works with dogs displaying behavioral issues such as dog and human aggression, fear, and anxiety. In addition to in-home sessions, she hosts the DogSpeak podcast, and teaches multiple workshops and seminars. Nikki is a former search and rescue handler, instructor, and trainer.


Nikki owned and operated one of the first daycare facilities in the Nashville area, and now assists daycare and kennel owners in their own facilities. She has also written multiple books and produced several online courses to assist pet owners, business owners and and their staff, and rescue organizations.



$25 off Zoom consult. Email

Mention Abundant Animal Allies Summit

Monetize with Memberships

with Lisa Spector, the Pet Calming Maestro.

Lisa is so ON POINT here.

She breaks down the power of memberships & how you can serve your clients on a high level. 

This is how to take community to the next level!

Lisa Spector's Juilliard degree has gone to the dogs, and she couldn't be more thrilled. Combining her music talents with her passion for improving the lives of dogs has become her mission. Spector's piano recordings are soothing dogs in over 1,500 shelters worldwide. She's been featured on NPR, The CBS Early Show, CBS Australia, and DOGTV. Lisa is the only classical pianist to reach Billboard’s Classical Top 20 Chart with pet music. Lisa is the host of My Zen Pet, the first podcast with music for pet stress. Her albums, Dog Gone Calm, Vol. 1 and Dog Meditations, Vol. 1 (April 2023) can be heard on all streaming platforms. She is the founder of two growing memberships, the Piano Ninja Tricksters Club and the Dog Gone Calm Club, where dogs are on screen, often snoozing to the sounds of her live piano playing.



The 3 Mistakes to avoid when creating memberships & link to stream dog calming music.

The Power of Virtual Services

with Michelle Stern, the Pet Calming Maestro.

Michelle shares the power of online services with ease & grace.  

If you are nervous about offering virtual services, WATCH THIS VIDEO! 

She shares rock solid points of why you need to do this NOW.

I love how she offering virtual services to give her family the freedom to travel.

Michelle Stern, founder of Pooch Parenting, is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), dog behavior consultant, Licensed Family Dog Mediator (Kids Division), mom, and former classroom teacher. With over 16 years of teaching experience, Michelle loves both the human and canine members of dog families, which shows in her warm and supportive demeanor with clients. She specializes in working with families who are expecting babies and those who already have children and dogs. Her popular podcast for parents with dogs is called Pooch Parenting. Michelle has been featured on NBC television and print, Minnesota Public Radio, and has been a guest on over a dozen podcasts. Michelle offers online classes, consults and a membership for dog professionals who see clients with children or grandchildren.



10% off Pooch Parenting Coach Collective

Links to tools that make going Virtual easier:

Searchie - a searchable video interface that allows users to listen, watch, or download the transcript so you can cater to all different learning styles:


Streamyard - an easy to use interface for video interviews, client sessions, or small panel discussions. It even allows you to trim your video content to repurpose for IG or TikTok reels:

Lifelong Learning, the Link to Your Success!

with Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive.

Ana Maria is such a bundle of Sunshine!

She unpacks the necessity of healing our wounds, learning new skills and utilizing the direction of a mentor to move us forward in all areas of our lives. This translates into a successful business, as well.

My favorite quoute is, "turning our MESS into a MESSAGE...".

Ana Maria Vasquez is a Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive. She is a natural energy reader who lifts the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it. Through teaching, speaking, and remote sessions, Ana Maria’s profound connection with the natural world sources her in helping you understand the messages coming from the animals and nature, while unpacking your intuitive backpack! She is also the author of Nature: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes, a shamanic practitioner, a Certified Intuitive Strategist, and a Sacred Stories Luminary.



Lifelong Learning is the Key to Business Success!

In this short video, Ana Maria will unpack that concept some more, talk about energy, and share the wellness wheel with you!

Niche Down to Blow Up

with Corinne gearhart, The Doodle Pro.

Corinne is the epitome of a niched expert!

This interview unveils how you can be an expert that rises to the top of our field. She talks about how scarey it is to niche down & how it really can help you BLOW UP!

I appreciated the story of her journey of claiming her own expertise.

Corinne is the host of the highly rated and popular The Doodle Pro Podcast that is most recently ranked number three on the genre’s US Apple chart. She has personally worked with hundreds of doodle mixes over thousands of visits in Colorado, where she founded and runs a Doodle exclusive, shed free stay boarding program. As the owner of The Doodle Pro, she has grown to be a national expert on doodles via her membership program, educational courses and materials. Her fear free and positive reinforcement education on dog training shines through in her approach to doodle parents as well – treating all pet parents with the same respect and compassion she shows their dogs. She is driven to bridge “the doodle divide” that exists in the pet care industry.



Stop Making these 5 Mistakes.

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