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Empowered Women Lead Summit

with Anne-Marie Gallagher

"Nourish Your Mind, Body & Spirit"

You are a Spiritual being in a meat sack. Are your nurturing yourself on all levels of your existence?


Unstoppable Midlife Women Summit

with Debs DeVries

What is preventing you from moving forward? How can you reprogram myself & dive deeper into what is most important to your Soul?

Predictable Puppy Summit with Marilyn Mele

“Anxiety, Fear & Reactivity in Mind Body & Spirit”

Iena shares the links to canine anxiety fear & reactivity with their human families.

Animal Energy Connection with Dr. Jeff Grognet

“Animals as our Master Teachers”

During this interview Iena discusses the surprising lessons the ​animals in our lives bring us

Interview with Ingrid Guthrie, 

"Living It Up! Making Life Juicy!"

During this fun, casual interview, I share some of my favorite memories of conversations & experiences with animals. Click the pic on the right to view in You Tube. 

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