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Apply for the Private, 6 Month Mentorship!

Feeling stuck, lost, looking for new direction or
seeking your Soul's purpose?


Private, one on one sessions are VERY limited. 

Click the link to
below to apply.

I have 25 years experience helping people transform their lives in epic ways! 
What makes me different from other mentors & life coaches?
When you work with me, you don't just get the typical information & encouragement (although that IS included).
I specialize in helping people create a catalyst for change in their lives in mind, body & Spirit. When we combine these 3, THIS creates deep, lasting change. So, whether we need to ask your Spirit Guides a question, you need help creating new habits or even want to know what food is preventing you from moving you forward, I GOT you!
A 6 month mentorship with me includes, 24 private, recorded, Zoom sessions. I also check in with you half way through each week, to see if you have any questions or need my support. In addition, you also get my private cell phone number. This is because I encourage you to reach out to me if you need help. Healing is not linear. It can be a bit like a roller coaster, with it's ups & downs. This is my way to show you that I am HERE for you, every step of the way.
Are you READY to step into the NEXT LEVEL of your life? 
Set up a FREE chat with me! Let's talk about your struggles & goals. If it feels like we're a match, I'll share with you how I can help you bridge that gap!

Shift My Vibe Tribe!
This is a 6 month course that will help you remove your blocks, discover your Soul purpose, break free
and unlock your psychic and Healing gifts!

Shift My Vibe Tribe1.jpg

This is a 6 month course that will help you remove your blocks, discover your Soul purpose, break free and unlock your psychic and Healing gifts!

This is a LIVE, group course. Recordings are available for participants. This course has a ROLLING ADMISSION. This means, that every 4 weeks, the admission doors will open. 

Because this is the first incarnation of this course, I'm looking for a few Founding Members. I will offer you a 92% discount in exchange for an honest testimonial when you have completed the course. That's it!

Are you ready for a BIG SHIFT in your life? Do you desire to step into the biggest version of yourself??

During this membership, we meet

every Saturday at 12:15 PM, EST. 

During this membership, you will:

  •  Speak with animals in your life, as well as the wild ones.

  •  Communicate with the Spirits of pets that have Crossed   Over.

  •  Find lost pets.

  •  Discover the lessons your pet has come to teach you.

  •  Meet your Animal Totem (Animal Spirit Guide)

  •  Practice your skills

  •  Get connected with people who have similar interests.

  •  Have instant access to ALL previous recordings.

  •  Stay connected via WhatsApp

  •  & so much more!

This epic opportunity is available for only $97/mo!

Limited space available.

Click the link below to grab YOUR spot, before they're GONE!

Want to learn animal communication
OR just need regular practice?

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